Get Comfortable at El San Geronimo Hotel

Hey there! We are happy to finally see you or, well, hear from you! We know it’s been quite a year, but trust us when we say, better things are coming. El San Geronimo Hotel after a year of rethinking, analysis, and many coffee breaks, has decided to finally open its doors to you again, with a brand new simple, yet, detailed website.

¡Officially Open!

We have decided to reopen our doors to provide that comfortable and luxurious experience to our guests, reminding to ensure their well-being and safety during this COVID-19 pandemic. That's why, we have established our guideline that you can visit on our COVID-19 section. But don’t worry, you still can enjoy your experience in both our hotel and Puerto Rico. El San Geronimo offers you 24 rooms that fits everyone; solo travelers, a couple of friends or the whole family. You can find comfort in each and every room of our hotel, besides our common areas design that shows you that luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. Not only that, but our team is ready to receive with open arms and social distancing (for now). Our incredible Front Desk Staff is capable to assist you on your journey to Puerto Rico before, during and even after your stay. Also, our Housekeeping crew is prepared to provide the clean and safe room you are looking for.

Tips for when you travel

We know you are excited to visit us and enjoy Puerto Rico. That is why we have written down some tips for when you decide to visit us.

  • Remember to have you flight numbers with you, the reservation confirmation email flagged on your phone, and the address of where you are staying.

  • Have a list of the places you want to visit. We know that Puerto Rico has a lot of places to experience, who doesn’t want to explore El Yunque or visit El Morro? Having a map of where you want to go will make it so much easier, trust us.

  • Savor the gastronomy of the Isla del Encanto. Visit the local chinchorros (restaurants) to taste the flavor of a mofongo, fried foods such as cod, alcapurrias or a cold piña colada with Puerto Rican flavor.

  • Enjoy the Tropical life and Puerto Rico, the Island of Enchantment. The Caribbean most unique island, with three bioluminescent bay of five in the whole world, one of the most beautiful beaches, Flamenco Beach at Culebra, the National Rainforest El Yunque, and the list doesn’t stop. So enjoy your trip, long or short.

Remember to keep it luxurious and comfortable. Follow us on social media to stay updated on everything with us on Facebook and Instagram, and saty at #ElSanGeronimo

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