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Joan Manuel Serrat

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Joan Manuel Serrat

Saturday, February 2, 2019 February 2, 2019 El San Geronimo Hotel

He returns to the island, the master of the singer-songwriters of a new generation, Joan Manuel Serrat, the presentation will be on February 2 in the center of fine arts in Santurce. The artist is on tour since April of this year which is entitled "Mediterranean da Capo" (Italian expression that means back to the top) the tour has traveled some cities of Spain and Latin America. 47 years ago Joan Manuel recorded the album 'Mediterranean' containing ten songs, songs recorded fire in several generations as "Lucia", "Small things", "White people" and of course, the iconic anthem that gives its name to the disk.   The songs in these presentations, sounded the same arrangements that were made up, the public will enjoy each in their original versions. With this tour the artist pays homage to a disk which was pivotal in his 50 year career

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